Partners and Recognition

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Richmont Graduate University

Richmont is a thriving institution of graduate education in both the Chattanooga and Atlanta areas, specializing in Counseling and Ministry. Beginning in 2017 they have been uniquely partnered with the MSM, granting MSM participants “advanced standing” in their M.A. in Ministry program, functionally exempting them from 12 hours of graduate coursework. (Click here to be directed to Richmont’s webpage for more details.) This partnership not only allows MSM participants to pursue an accredited degree, if they desire, but also to pursue a full course of study in pursuit of clerical ordination (see below).


Anglican Diocese of the South

Anglican Diocese of the South (ADOTS); Anglican Church of North America (ACNA)

The MSM has been recognized by its home diocese for its rigorous and edifying educational offerings. The MSM-Richmont partnership allows students to attain a graduate degree which ADOTS recognizes as fulfilling the educational requirements for ordination. The MSM contributes regularly to the life and ongoing ministry of the diocese by helping participants to discern their call to ordained office. Many Anglican deacons and priests have either gone through the MSM’s course of study or been associated with the MSM’s ongoing educational work (see our Alumni page for more details).