Alumni of the Mission School of Ministry






Angie Sorensen

Angie currently serves as the Parish Chaplain of the Mission Chattanooga and primarily serves at Morningsong. She has been doing para-church and church ministry for over 21 years. Angie received post-graduate training as a graduate of the Chattanooga Association for Clinical Pastoral Care (CACPC) and her masters degree from the Mission School of Ministry in August 2018.  Angie is passionate about facilitating women’s groups, providing pastoral care and divorce care, teaching about the Enneagram and hosting parties. She is married to Abbot Chris Sorenson and they have two children, Wilson and Elijah.



Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson is the Children’s Pastor at the City Center Chapel of the Mission Chattanooga. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Finance at Lee University before continuing into graduate studies at the Mission School of Ministry (up to Summer 2018). Courtney has worked in various youth and children’s ministries for 9 years.  Her primary focus is assisting parents with spiritual formation in their households and ensuring that every child at the Mission grows in their understanding and experience of the love of God. She is passionate about making liturgy and worship come alive for children in a powerful way.