The MSM is blessed to have a range of well-qualified ministers and academics who either teach or guest lecture in our program.


Dr. Judson Davis

Teaching Elder, Presbyterian Church in America

Ph.D. (Biblical Studies), University of Sheffield

M.A. (New Testament), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

B.A. (Classical Greek), University of Georgia




Mary Ferguson

Deacon, Anglican Church in North America

M.C.S. (Theology & the Arts), Regent College (Vancouver)

B.A. (English & Christianity), Houston Baptist University




Rev. William Glass

Priest, Anglican Church in North America

Ph.D. cand. (Systematic Theology), Southern Methodist University

M.Div., Duke Divinity School

B.A. (Medieval Literature), University of Florida




Fr. Dale Hall

Priest, Anglican Church in North America

Graduate Studies, The Mission School of Ministry

B.S., Shorter University




Dr. Jonathan Yeager, FRHistS

Ph.D. (Religious History), University of Stirling (Scotland)

Th.M., Regent College (Vancouver)

M.C.S., Regent College (Vancouver)

B.A. (Business Administration), Taylor University




Dr. Samuel J. Youngs

Ph.D. (Theology & Religious Studies), King’s College, University of London

M.A.R. (Contemporary Theology), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

B.A. (Comparative Religion; Creative Writing; Film), University of S. Florida


The MSM offers the following 4-course sequence during odd years (2019, 2021, 2023, etc.)

  • Biblical Hermeneutics I – Old Testament
  • Biblical Hermeneutics II – New Testament
  • History & Theology I – Ancient to Medieval
  • History & Theology II – Reformation to Present


If students so choose, they can enroll in coursework through Richmont Graduate University during the even years (2020, 2022, 2024, etc.). During those years, the coursework offered through Richmont involves the following major courses:

  • Anglican History & Identity
  • Formation through Spiritual Disciplines and Rule of Life
  • Ministries of the Church: Liturgy, Sacraments, Worship
  • Pastoral Care
  • Missional Theology
  • Essentials of Spiritual Formation
  • Application of Spiritual Formation
  • Mentored Growth I & II
  • Final Project

Interested students can contact the MSM’s Dean (Sam Youngs: for further information on enrollment, pricing, scheduling, etc.

Program Details

The MSM is a one-year sequence of training in church history, biblical studies, and theology.*

Classes meet every Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm, and are followed by an hour of communal Spiritual Formation—a time of guided discussion, reflection, and prayer.

The year of study is divided into four 12-week classes. This MSM course sequence runs every “odd” year (2019, 2021, 2023, etc.).

On the “even” years, students who have participated in the MSM have an opportunity to undergo a year of study through Richmont Graduate University.

The combination of these two years of study allow students to earn an M.A. in Ministry from Richmont Graduate University. Follow this link to Richmont’s website for more information.

*Note that the MSM’s one-year sequence is avocational; it is for purposes of personal learning and edification only. Individuals desiring to earn a graduate degree can participate in the coursework offered through Richmont Graduate University.



Partners and Recognition

Richmont Graduate University

Richmont is a thriving institution of graduate education in both the Chattanooga and Atlanta areas, specializing in Counseling and Ministry. Beginning in 2017 they have been uniquely partnered with the MSM, granting MSM participants “advanced standing” in their M.A. in Ministry program, functionally exempting them from 12 hours of graduate coursework. (Click here to be directed to Richmont’s webpage for more details.) This partnership not only allows MSM participants to pursue an accredited degree, if they desire, but also to pursue a full course of study in pursuit of clerical ordination (see below).


Anglican Diocese of the South (ADOTS); Anglican Church of North America (ACNA)

The MSM has been recognized by its home diocese for its rigorous and edifying educational offerings. The MSM-Richmont partnership allows students to attain a graduate degree which ADOTS recognizes as fulfilling the educational requirements for ordination. The MSM contributes regularly to the life and ongoing ministry of the diocese by helping participants to discern their call to ordained office. Many Anglican deacons and priests have either gone through the MSM’s course of study or been associated with the MSM’s ongoing educational work (see our Alumni page for more details).


Fr. Chris Sorensen                  !chris

Abbot of The Mission Chattanooga

President of The Mission School of Ministry

Chris Sorensen serves as the leader for the pastoral staff and oversees the operations of The Mission Abbey, the organizational “hub” of The Mission Chattanooga’s church plants and diverse ministries. He also served as the first Dean of the MSM. Chris’s vision and wisdom established the MSM and created its basis as a truly unique church-based education program.


Dr. Samuel J. Youngs

Dean of The Mission School of Ministry

Lecturer in Theology & History

Samuel Youngs has been a part of The Mission Chattanooga community since 2012. As the Dean he is primarily responsible for shepherding the academic vision of the MSM. He also serves as the lead Lecturer in Theology & History for the MSM. Sam is a professor in the Christian Studies department at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. He has taught at Bryan since 2011. He earned his Ph.D. in Theology & Religious Studies at King’s College (London); his M.A. in Religion is from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. His teaching and research interests span philosophical theology, history of doctrine, world religion, and hermeneutics. He served as the Book Review Editor for American Theological Inquiry from 2013 to 2015 and has published reviews and/or articles in Reviews in Religion & Theology, Swiss American Historical Review, The Asbury Journal, Trinity Journal, American Theological Inquiry, The Journal of Religious History, Philosophia Christi, and The Journal of Comparative Theology. His first book is under contract, entitled: The Way of the Kenotic Christ: The Christology of Jürgen Moltmann.


Fr. Dale Hall                                img_0488-crop-u193825.jpg

Spiritual Formation Director of The Mission School of Ministry

Parish Priest, The Mission Chattanooga

In leading the Spiritual Formation track of the MSM, Dale brings to bear 20+ years of full-time ministry experience and years of living into a rule of life as a member of an ecumenical Franciscan Order.  Dale serves as the primary soul friend to our students, oversees their spiritual formation, and coordinates with any other soul friends who will invest in the lives of MSM students. As a graduate of the MSM himself, Fr. Dale is committed to seeing its benefits conferred to new students and ministers.

The History of the Mission School of Ministry

In 2014, The Mission Chattanooga—a prominent and missional Anglican community—decided to begin a ministry focused on learning, formation, and ministry. Thus, The Mission School of Ministry was born.

The Mission School of Ministry is an educational course of study in scripture, church history, and theology. Though it is a ministry of an Anglican church, the studies offered through the MSM are ecumenical and critical, providing a valuable place for learning and discussion for Christians of many different backgrounds and traditions.

The MSM exists for purposes of academic edification, spiritual formation, and personal development. Participants in the MSM are often considering a call to ministry or even the pursuit of an accredited graduate degree. To assist those who are interested in such paths, the MSM is partnered with Richmont Graduate University. Please *click this link* to be taken to the relevant page of Richmont’s website, which describes how courses and seminars offered by the MSM can contribute to Richmont’s accredited Masters of Ministry degree program.