Admissions Requirements

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Admissions Requirements

Admission into the Mission School of Ministry is always ultimately at the discretion of the Dean and other leadership.

The minimum requirements for admission into the school are as follows:

  • Completed high school level education (required without exceptions)
  • Bachelor’s degree (required, but may be waived under rare circumstances)
  • References from two individuals who currently work in a ministry capacity (pastors, etc.)
  • References from two additional individuals who can attest to work ethic and character
  • Compelling, thoughtful, and well-written essay (250 words or more) answering the question: “Why do you want to attend the MSM?”
  • Short response describing your personal level of commitment to completing your program if you are admitted.
  • A 300-400 word essay describing the Christian leaders/ministers who have most inspired you throughout your life and why.

Additional, an application fee must be received for any application to be considered valid and to facilitate the processing of the application. The application fees are as follows for the different program tracks:

  • Anglican Ministry Track: $50.00
  • Christian Leadership Track: $40.00
  • Christian Studies Track: $20.00

Please email the references and essays (word doc format) to Dr. Sam Youngs at

Please click here to begin our online application form.

If you are considering the Anglican Ministry Track, then please click here to begin the Richmont Graduate University application form.